The War To End All WarsEdit

This wiki is about an alternate World War I scenario, focused on the huge empire known as the Manic Empire.

The War to End All Wars234

The year is 1911. The two most powerful nations in the world, the Manic and Russian Empires, have established the Russo-Manic Pact, in their attempt to conquer Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Meanwhile, the Central Powers, consisting of the Kingdom of Prussia, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the Kyushu Empire, and the Ottoman Empire, team up to defend their borders against the superpowers. However, across the Atlantic Ocean, the United States, another large power, has enlisted the help of several other powers, including the Qing Empire, the Hokkaido Empire, the Kingdom of Portugese and Brazil, the Spanish Kingdom, Canada, and the Kingdom of France, in order to defend the soverignty and other interests of the nations. Several other regional powers have aligned themselves as well, including the Swedish Empire, which has aligned itself towards the Kingdom of Prussia due to its high tensions against the Manicans and the Russians, while the Abyssinian Empire has aligned itself with the Manican Empire, as the two Empires have a long history of fighting side-by-side in their conquests of Africa. Persia, and its ally Afghanistan, both are strictly neutral, and restrict Manican, Ottoman, and Russian troops from moving through their territories.

Australia is split between the Manicans, the Americans, and the Japanese. The Southeast Asian/Oceanic island archipelagos have a long history of dispute ever since the recent expansions of the USA, the Manic Empire, and the Japanese Empire in the region. Africa is almost completely under Manic control, save German and Portugese colonies, the Abyssinian Empire, Italian Tunisia, and Ottoman land. The USA has conquered the Caribbean, and control much of the northern region of South America. The Austro-Hungarians control Bessarbia, the Swedes control Finland, and the Greeks control Constantinople and Eastern Turkey, while the Ottoman capital is now Jerusalem, known formally as al-Quds.

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