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The Kyushu Empire is an Empire founded by the Kyushu Clans of Fukuoka and Kitakyushu in the Unification Wars of Kyushu in 1501. The capital of Kyushu is Fukuoka.

The Kyushu Clans, the Fuku-Kita Merge, Unification (1451-1501)Edit

The first centralized government of Kyushu came when the Kyushu clans formed a loose confederacy, matching the Edo clans. However, wars continued between the Kyushu clans, especially between the Fukuoka and Kitakyushu Clans. The war of dominance continued between these two clans until 1497, when Fukuoka defeated Kitakyushu, and forced Kitakyushu into unification with Fukuoka into a united Fukuoka Empire. The newly founded Fukuoka Empire declared war on the other clans, ultimately defeating them and unifying Kyushu. In 1501, it was decided the Fukuoka Empire would become the Kyushu Empire.

Initial Expansion of Kyushu Empire (1513-1609)Edit

In 1513, the Shikoku Clans were defeated by the Kyushu Empire in the Kyushu War of the Annexation of Shikoku, which lasted for two months.

In 1523, the island of Hokkaido was colonized by the Kyushu Empire and the Edo clan, but Kyushu's attempt to annex Hokkaido resulted in Hokkaido independence. In 1546,

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